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We always love hearing from you, about your experience of the city’s greenest garden, the jungle atmosphere, gastro specialties and the philosophy of Twentysix.

Read about our urban oasis and the mission of the Plant a Tree Cocktail on We Love Budapest.

In all, some 34 types of plants, banana trees, rubber plants, palms and all sorts of begonia fill every corner, dividing the cultural spaces into four, each with a separate function. Here nature can be combined with gastronomy, conscious living and the mindset of sharing and community.” 

Finding harmony in our mind and enjoying the tropical forest atmosphere are also being mentioned by Roadster.

The main power of Twentysix is the tropical and natural environment created with loads of high quality plants and palms in the middle of the concrete jungle.” 

You can find details about tasting our food specialties on Street Kitchen site.

Mediterranean flavours are dominated in their meal selection. Wide range of nutritious and soulful meal selection with simple spices and high-quality ingredients.” 

Marie Claire highlights the specialties of our delicates shop and restaurant as well as the jungle style interior design.

Food selection is based on culinary aromas of the Middle East and is completed with mediterranean flavours including bar snacks, baked goods, antipasti, wine, cheese and meat selection.” 

Egy nap a városban blog writes about how nature meets conscious living and the mindset of sharing at the 4 different venues of Twentysix.

A community hub with restaurant, café, lifestyle shop, yoga studio and private event space.” 

Antropos tells us about the community hub and botanical garden where culinary events, brunch, dinner or even yoga classes can be held under giant palm trees.

This place is not only about delicious coffee and tasty cocktails! It is about community, jungle and restaurant!” 

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