26 ° is the best degree

As a result of a long preparation and hard work we are happy to announce that the greenest community space of Budapest is now open; an urban oasis where nature meets gastronomy and conscious living among huge palm trees.
Everyone is welcomed who loves tasty, healthy and high-quality food and chilling at a jungle style hub. You can also enjoy a wide range of meal selection if you have food allergy and we offer lots of vegan options as well.

You can order a Plant A Tree Cocktail to make the world greener as we will plant a tree after every glass of this type of cocktail. You can read more about this mission here: https://plantatreecocktail.com/

We organise thrilling events on a regular basis, you can even join us on our first basket lunch soon. Relaxing atmosphere, special flavours and the mediterranean summer with 26 degrees is waiting for you all year long at the 4 elementary venues of Twentysix:

GARDEN for jungle lovers: eatery with refreshing cocktails and delicious specialties among the coolest shades of green.

SHOP for brunch and coffee fans: gourmet delicates and local breakfast selection to start your day fresh and full of energy.

STUDIO for yoga and body art enthusiasts: a spiritual area to find harmony both in your body and mind.

HOUSE for social event planners: perfect space for birthday parties, tailored workshops and photo shootings.

Come and have a break at the greenest garden of Budapest!

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