“Regenerating, soulful, mother touch, light.”

It’s time to rebirth for all of us with the elementary power and unlimited freshness of the most vivid season, summer. Follow the interview with Twentysix’s head chef, Francesco Pastore.

How did you create the new summer Garden menu?

Francesco: It’s a menu that was born during this quarantine, in a not easy moment but full of energy. A menu who wants to talk to people, fresh, summery and absolutely positive in its colours, sweetness and freshness. A menu that contains so many thoughts, ready to communicate the full of power of an urban jungle. 

What was your inspiration?

That we want to feel alive again. That’s the real feeling that I want to give in the food and what I ask from the cooks. It’s not an easy start in this moment, this situation, so the only thing what we can do is feeling good as a cook, to give a good feeling to the food, doesn’t matter the amount of the people. But the quality of the soul, what we can give from ourselves, that’s the main point. That matters. We do what we do with love. I think people can immediately feel it, it works like a secret spice when you add your soul into every single dishes you serve.